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Dear Affiliate,

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Hi my name is Felicity! I would like to welcome all website owners, bloggers, advertisers and anyone else that is interested in promoting my gluten free handbook.

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I sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit my page and view what I believe is the most important information product for anyone with gluten intolerance. With the help of my partner Nicholas, we have put together a great information product and a range of marketing tools that are designed to attract attention, highlight problems and offer solutions to anyone that is suffering from gluten intolerance.

Basically, I wrote the book and offer customer support while he takes care of the website and marketing for me. Together, we make a great team and you can be assured we will help you in any way we can if you choose to promote my book!

Why did I write this book?

I wrote this handbook out of genuine necessity. I learned a few years ago that I had gluten intolerance and received almost no help from the medical professionals. I can't begin to explain how hard it is for someone to learn how to live a gluten free life, simply because wheat and gluten is found in almost every type of food product know on earth. So to help myself I spent a great deal of time reading and researching everything I could on the subject then compiled a detailed list of do's and dont's that I still follow to this day.

How many people are in desperate need of this information?

It is estimated by the scientific research community that more than 1% of the general population are gluten intolerant. To put that into perspective, let me show you how many people in the world and in major countries are affected:

GLOBAL 66,000,000 people with gluten intolerance
EUROPE 7,300,000 people with gluten intolerance
USA 3,400,000 people with gluten intolerance
SOUTH AMERICA 330,000 people with gluten intolerance
UNITED KINGDOM 609,000 people with gluten intolerance
AUSTRALIA 210,000 people with gluten intolerance

Practically every research paper on the subject concludes that the figures are rising and each generation is becoming more intolerant to gluten as they age. This means that people who can eat gluten today are at risk of becoming intolerant as they get older due to the way our bodies work.

What is the potential for you to make sales when promoting my book?

This is an absolutely huge market and there are very few resources for people who suffer with the condition. The potential for improvement of someone's life after reading my handbook is already proven. I have tested the book with people who are new to gluten intolerance and those who have been aware of it for many years, they all have similar reviews of the information and state that it has improved their level of knowledge and quality of life.

In terms of sales conversions, I am yet to release the official ratios but will do so after a suitable period of time has passed and accurate metrics can be taken from clickbank.

From a niche marketing point of view, my handbook is both valuable and attractive to my target audience due to three main factors:

  1. The audience is experiencing pain with this condition & urgently needs a solution
  2. The audience is proactively searching for a solution on the Internet
  3. The audience has few options that are low cost and easy to read

My handbook satisfies all of their requirements and is presented in an easy to read format. There are gluten free recipes and diet plans included so the reader is highly likely to retain and keep reading the information on an ongoing basis.

How can you get started as an affiliate to promote my book?

clickbankIt's simple and 100% safe! I use the Clickbank platform to sell my digital product, they are a trusted online company that sell tens of thousands of information products.

Firstly, visit clickbank and create your own affiliate account: www.clickbank.com

Then you will be given an affiliate ID, this is required to create your affiliate link to my website so that clickbank can track your sales and pay you commissions directly.

Now you can send your website traffic, family and friends to my website with the following link:


You must be sure to replace YOUR-ID with your actual affiliate ID from clickbank. If you require help with setting up your own affiliate link (also called a hoplink) then you can refer to clickbanks help center: www.clickbank.com/help/en/

What are the best ways to promote my gluten free handbook?

There are many ways to promote my book, you can either do your own research using google or join thousands of successful Internet marketers and join the excellent community at the warrior forum where you can find resources, instructions and real time help from others.

For now, I'd like to point out a few of the more popular ways that you can easily promote my book in order to refer customers and earn commissions on every sale you send my way.


If you already own or wish to setup a website that is related to health, diets and food intolerance's then you have an excellent chance of making sales with my book due to the fact that your audience will have a close interest in the subject matter. You can write a review of my product and recommend it to readers, you could use banners and creatives on your website (these are provided below), you can make your own ads or simply put a link from your website to mine (using the affiliate hoplink mentioned above).


People love reading blogs and will often purchase a product that they read about on another persons blog. For the best results when promoting my book, either create new posts on your existing health/diet/food intolerance blog or create a new one and begin writing about the subject of gluten intolerance or gluten free recipes. Then you simply put a link from your website to mine (using the affiliate hoplink mentioned above).


There are many different forms of online advertising but PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the fastest and most successful ways to advertise on the web. This allows you to create text ads that are targeted to people that are searching for information and solutions to gluten intolerance.

Some of the more popular PPC providers are:

  • MSN AdCenter
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Google AdWords
  • ASK
  • Looksmart
  • Miva

Simply setup an account with any of these providers then create ad campaigns to target specific keywords and search phrases that are used by people searching for information on gluten intolerance. You can perform your own research using google, yahoo, wordtracker or any of the other packages available. For your convenience, I've compiled a list of popular keywords for affiliates to use with their ad campaigns in CSV format to be used in Microsoft Excel, Open Office or any other spreadsheet software : gluten free keywords

When using Google AdWords, you will need to have a landing page with a high quality score when referring traffic from their search results. For others, like yahoo and MSN, you can simply use your affiliate hoplink to point directly to my sales page. Please refer to the terms and conditions of each provider to confirm if you can use direct affiliate linking or not.


Writing articles is a great and inexpensive way to generate web traffic and interest in a particular topic. Some say that the traffic is free, but this isn't exactly true due to the fact that it takes your time to write and submit the articles. Once that is done however, you will receive traffic at no cost from that point on.

In simple terms, article marketing is the process of writing niche articles that are around 400-500 words and then submitting them to popular article directories which then host your content. You are allowed to put your details and a weblink at the bottom of each article, which is referred to as the resource box.

So just pick a few keywords from the list I have researched already (gluten free keywords) then write articles that talk about and contain those keywords. Make the format easy to read while giving useful information to the reader. Then you can put a link at the bottom of each article that uses your affiliate hoplink which points to my website. Each time you refer a visitor that purchases my book you will earn a commission.

Here are some of the more popular article directories that you can submit to:


I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

Simply put, if my gluten free diet handbook disappoints anyone for whatever reason, they have the right to ask for and receive 100% of their money back! No questions asked, no conditions at all. If any customer is not happy, they can have their money back!.

So really, you can't lose and there is absolutely ZERO RISK when purchasing my book and I believe in it so much that I also offer a free trial version!

Here is the guarantee I offer to all of my customers:

money back guarantee

my guarantee


To be clear, we do not promote or tolerate spam or mass mailing to any type of unsolicited email lists. But if you have an opt-in list of readers that are interested in health, diet, recipes or gluten intolerance then I encourage you to make a few broadcasts to your lists to recommend my gluten free handbook.

Typically, people like to read emails that are in a personal format so try not to bog them down with technical facts or over hyped marketing terms. Keep it light and friendly while explaining a few of the benefits they will gain from reading my book.

Here's a sample email for you to use in your marketing campaigns...

Where can I find banners and promotional graphics?

Right here! We've put together a range of animated banners and industry standard graphics for you to use for promotions on on your website, with ad campaigns or in email broadcasts. If you require assistance or custom graphics then please contact us anytime.

Here are our top converting ad banners.... yes simpler has proven to be more effective. For higher click through rates please pick banners that blend in with your website content.

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We are doing some intense testing with the main landing page this week, while new content pages have also been added. Please do not be alarmed if you see the website change, as these improvements are performed in order to improve conversion ratios.

If you would like to keep up to date with changes and improvement, please jump onto my update list and you will receive notifications and tips as they happen. Thank you to everyone :)

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