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6 Step - Gluten Free Diet

  • Amazing Recipes - Delicious gluten free alternatives to your favorite foods including yummy gluten free recipes bursting with flavor that take just minutes to cook.
  • Healthy Lifestyle - Ways to eat out in public places with your own list of things to avoid in restaurants and while traveling - Plus strategies to minimize pain and cramps if you accidentally eat gluten... and much more!
  • 30 Complete Chapters - Everything you need to know about gluten free diets including gluten intolerance symptoms, facts, myths, danger signs and other gluten free secrets.

gluten free diet plan recipesDear Fellow Gluten Sufferer,

Can you imagine a life without the unpleasant symptoms after accidentally eating gluten or wheat? Wouldn't it be great to live with the freedom of being able to eat all your favorite meals and not worry about becoming sick from gluten contamination!

If you're ready to end your gluten free diet nightmare, then this is the most important letter you're going to read in your life, because you're only a few minutes away from no longer having to live with the excruciating pain that comes with gluten sensitivity.

You Have To Make a Choice Now: Either Live with Gluten Pains, or Avoid Them Completely The Easy Way

Hi, my name is Felicity and I know just what it feels like to have gluten free diet cramps and being fatigued all the time with no energy. I know what if feels like to worry about what you're going to be able to eat. I especially know the crushing feeling of trying to go out and socialize without running to a bathroom....with everyone staring at you wondering what's wrong.

You see, back in 2005, I was just a young mother in an intense work environment trying to make a living while taking care of myself and my little boy Tyler. Sometimes I wouldn't be home until late, and still had to fix meals and spend time with my son before falling asleep completely exhausted.

Soon enough, I had aches all in my muscles and my joints felt like someone was trying to pry them open with a screwdriver.

Not only that, I was tired all the time...

You Can Avoid Feeling Tired and Drained
By Removing Just 1 Simple Thing in Your Diet

family friendly gluten free dietSo tired, that during lunch breaks at work I would sometimes be found napping in my car. Even worse, I was losing concentration and nodding off during the day, some co-workers even started calling me lazy behind my back!

I knew something was going on with my body, but I really just chalked it up to stress. Who wouldn't have? My schedule was hectic. My day started at 6am sharp or sometimes earlier and usually didn't end until midnight. Yet, something still didn't seem right...

Then I started to get sharp pains in my stomach a few hours after eating the food that I always have. The pain would be so intense that I would be curled up in bed literally crying for hours. It was like something was twisting up my insides and there was no way I could stop it, eventually the immediate pain would subside but then I would be running to the toilet every few minutes. The bad gas and diarrhea was really troubling me and all I wanted was to feel normal again, to feel healthy and have no pains.

Have you ever gone through something similar? Do you find yourself getting stomach pains, bad gas and the runs? Don't you find it to be not just painful, but also embarrassing and really inconvenient? Would you like to avoid that pain and discomfort completely and get back to feeling regular everyday?

Avoid Gluten Free Diet Cramps & Pains Forever!

Back in 2005 after speaking to a nurse friend of mine, I soon learned that my symptoms might be linked to a gluten intolerance allergy. Visiting a doctor confirmed my suspicions, and I needed to eliminate gluten from my diet for 4 weeks to see if it helped. It was at this point that I began reading and researching everything I could on the subject, learning about my condition and finally my gluten free diet started to make more sense. I began to compile my own checklist of things to look out for in food and drinks, something that every other person with this condition needs to know off the top of their head...

family friendly gluten free diet

The Most Important Facts That Every Person
With Gluten Intolerance Needs To Know!

After only a few days, my digestion was clearly improving. I didn't have any more bloated feeling, and I wasn't having to run like a madwoman to the bathroom after lunch or dinner.

After only a week, my energy level was sky-high! I felt completely rejuvenated. I was no longer falling asleep during meetings, or walking around like a zombie all day. My boss took notice of my improved work and even started talking about a promotion, saying that he felt inspired by my determination to improve.

Best of all, I no longer felt aching joints and sore muscles.

Well, after the lightning fast improvement in my lifestyle, I was pretty much convinced that eliminating gluten from my diet and switching to gluten free foods did the trick....

Yeah, at first it was difficult. I really had to struggle and give up foods that I used to love...

But over time, I learned a few tricks and gluten free recipes that allowed me to eat well. So well that I don't even miss the foods that I used to love anymore because I've found so many new things that I adore eating.

Would You Like A Simple Checklist To Guide
You Through Living a Happy Gluten Free Life?

My gluten free diet plan has grown over the past six years into a complete handbook and recipe list that guides my new gluten free life. After a few years, I had what amounted to a comprehensive book on living healthy and eating gluten free foods. Nothing in the book stores could come close to this! Looking back I wish I was able to find this information when I first realized I had to change my gluten free diet.

Even better, my gluten free diet handbook is also jam packed with little secrets and delicious gluten free recipes... One thing I found particularly shocking was that if the ingredients label says wheat free, it doesn't mean that there is no gluten contained in it. Yes there can be trace elements of gluten in lots of products... reading the label will not solve your gluten free pains.

So now to help other people like me, I've decided to compile everything I've learned and written down into an easy to use reference book that can be downloaded instantly, by anyone in the world who is ready to eat like a king or queen despite a gluten intolerance...

Claim your free trial version of my book today!

Introducing: Felicity's Gluten Free Diet Handbook

Having my gluten free diet book is like having me there to hold your hand and show you not only how to eat well, but to live well despite gluten sensitivity. I will show you what to look out for, how to buy the right gluten free foods from the supermarket, how to order a gluten free meal from any restaurant or cafe, plus which drinks and sauces have hidden traces of gluten that nobody will tell you about. Not even the label on the bottle from the manufacturer!

Now keep on reading some amazing facts that you wont find else where, things you MUST KNOW...

Here's just some of what you're about to learn when reading my gluten free diet handbook:

  • The interesting history of gluten free diet sensitivity in humans
    We are not designed to eat wheat! It is something we have learned to digest quite recently in our evolution and not everyone can correctly process gluten.
  • Why gluten actually makes you sick, and why its becoming more common
    What is gluten ? When you hear about what gluten does inside our body and how the internal organs cope with wheat you will finally understand where the pains come from and how you can prevent cramps or even treat them as they happen
  • Celiac disease and its link to gluten intolerance
    Celiac disease is now wide spread through society and it is actually increasing with each generation! That means the problem is increasing and your family is at risk more than you or your parents are.
  • Awesome alternatives to bread. Yes, you can still eat fresh bread!
    When I learned I had to remove bread from my gluten free diet plan, it made me pretty sad because I love sandwiches so much. Eventually I learned a few safe alternatives and now I have toast and sandwiches whenever I want to.
  • Tips for reading food and drink labels to ensure you don't consume gluten
    Now this is so important, because food companies will hide gluten in their warnings or actually call ingredients by a name that doesn't even mention gluten. You absolutely must know these so that you can take control of your diet.
  • Ways to eat out in public places and receive gluten free diet meals for no extra cost
    Eating out while staying on a gluten free diet can be downright impossible for some people, so they just avoid going out completely. This then becomes a huge problem for their social life and entertainment time. But I eat out twice a week and can go to any restaurant that I want because I know how to look for meals that are gluten free (even if they aren't listed on the menu as gluten free) plus I can easily explain to a chef how to modify any meal to make it fit with your gluten free diet plan.
  • Amazing, yummy gluten free recipes that take just minutes to cook
    Who doesn't love eating delicious food? Well I've got a heap of yummy gluten free recipes that you can cook at home in a short amount of time using ingredients from any supermarket.
  • How to minimize the pain if you accidentally eat gluten (so valuable)
    If you have ever suffered from a gluten cramp and what happens after, you will know that it is extremely uncomfortable! Wouldn't you like to know simple ways to remove the pain if you accidentally eat gluten? Let me show you how!
  • Scrumptious protein packed breakfast that super-charges your energy!
    Don't skip the most important meal of the day, I can show you what to eat in the morning that will give you boundless energy through your day while increasing your concentration levels.
  • ...30 complete chapters on everything you need to know about gluten free diets!

Of course, you already know that its tough to live with gluten sensitivity. So I will show you how to live it up without being sick anymore. Get ready to kick the pains, aches, and bloating to the curb...

But even that's not all, you're also going to benefit from my years of experience in dealing with a gluten free diet, get ready to save hours of time because here's what else you're about to get:

  • My gluten free diet grocery list...simply print this out and bring it to the store with you
  • Full gluten free recipes plan that takes the guess work out of what to eat next
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with gluten intolerance in and out of the home

My gluten free diet handbook holds your hand every step of the way and shows you in plain English how you can live your life normally and still eat well despite your gluten nightmare!

So Many Happy Customers Have Given Positive
Feedback After Reading My Handbook

Hearing the feedback from other people with gluten intolerance after they read my handbook really makes me glad I took the time to put all of the information together. I admit, having some extra income from the book sales helps me out but the biggest thing is honestly the sense of satisfaction I feel knowing that something I produced is helping other peoples lives.

"I challenge anyone to read this book and not get excited about the possibilities of a tasty, gluten free diet!"

Living with gluten intolerance can be difficult, and painful, but it doesn't have to be and once you learn the basic facts you can easily live without gluten....

"Now I can find hidden gluten in any kind of food"

Felicity's Gluten Free Handbook has saved my life in many ways! She has taught me so much about my intolerance, to the point that I can confidently eat anything now and know without a doubt if there is hidden traces of gluten. I no longer get cramps in my stomach and my gluten free diet consists of yummy meals everyday.

Felicity, without your guidance I would be living a boring, painful life still so thank you for showing me the way!

gluten free diet Estelle DurhamEstelle Durham
Lincoln, Nebraska

page shadow

"Energy levels higher while losing weight"

Because your gluten free handbook has taught me the facts and secrets of living without gluten in my diet, I feel great everyday and my energy levels have never been higher. Losing a few extra pounds was also a great bonus, but I'm most happy about not living with stomach pains anymore.

Thanks so much Felicity. Your handbook has become my handbook now as I live with it everyday.

gluten free diet Martha SullivanMartha Sullivan
La Jolla, California.

page shadowing

"Now I can eat in restaurants and order GF meals"

Who would have thought I could go from refusing to eat in restaurants because of my gluten intolerance, to eating out a few times each week with my friends.

I don't feel scared of eating in public now and your handbook has shown me exactly what I can and can't eat from a menu.

Even when there are no gluten free items on a menu, I can ask for a variation that is simple for the chef to prepare so it doesn't feel like I am bothering anyone or being needy.

gluten free diet K. MartinezK. Martinez
Auckland, NZ.

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""Recommended the handbook to my friends"

How does Felicity's Gluten Free Handbook help me? Well it is like my survival guide to eating out and cooking for myself. Every time I am unsure about something to do with my gluten intolerance I simply refer to the handbook for guidance.

I've already recommended it to 4 of my friends, thanks for helping me Felicity!

gluten free diet Angie LeeAngie Lee
Bondi Beach, NSW

"Got rid of my gas problem and IBS"

Felicity, I was living with cramps and IBS for over 3 years before someone at work suggested I might have a food intolerance. I found your book on the Internet and it changed my whole way of thinking about food and drink.

Once I learned that I had to cut out certain meals and also beer, I've become super healthy and regular. It wasn't easy to give up drinking my favourite ale at the pub, but getting rid of embarrassing gas was a big help to my personal life.

gluten free diet Mark AnastaMark Anasta
Bayswater, UK

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"Must have for parents with gluten intolerant children"

Your handbook made us realize so many things that we were doing wrong when cooking for our gluten intolerant son. We both wish that food companies would make these issues clear because so many items have hidden gluten in them.

Your tips on reading labels has helped us so much, we no longer need to pay a naturopath to help our son with his diet and that is saving us money.

We wish there was a way to tell more people out there about your book, it really is a must have read for parents that have gluten intolerant children.

gluten free diet Ella CooperMurphy & Ella Cooper
Charlotte, North Carolina

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Here Is How My Handbook Will Improve YOUR Life

I know too well how much my gluten free diet handbook has helped my life, because I've been living with gluten intolerance for many years now. But for someone like yourself that is either just starting out or wants to understand everything about how to live happily with a gluten free diet, these are the main benefits you will find straight away...

How to avoid future pains and stomach cramps

How to spot hidden warnings about gluten on food labels

Easy ways to increase your energy levels and concentration

How to find all the ingredients you'll ever need in an everyday supermarket

Ways to maintain a nutritious, gluten free diet kitchen at home

Techniques to make gluten free recipes that are bursting with flavor and taste

How to select replacement gluten free foods to eat instead of wheat

Your own list of gluten free foods to avoid when eating in restaurants

Ways to request gluten free recipes when eating out or at a friends house

The seven health benefits of living a gluten free life

Ways to prepare delicious gluten free recipes for your children and family

And much more... 30 chapters packed with info!

How much would you pay for this information? Think about it like this, since you're only a minute or two away from changing your life for the better.

I'm so confident that my gluten free diet handbook will change your life and improve your health that...

money back guarantee
You Get My 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Simply put, if my gluten free diet handbook disappoints you for whatever reason, you have the right to ask for and receive 100% of your money back, and not only that you have 30 days to do it! No questions asked, no conditions at all. If you are not happy, you can have your money back plus keep the book.

Please note that this handbook is a digital download, you will receive it on your computer in one minute to either read on screen or to print out in the comfort of your own home. No need to wait weeks for shipping, no delays with getting all this valuable information into your hands. You get to read it instantly! That's one of the great things about the Internet!

So really, you can't lose and there is absolutely ZERO RISK for you. The only danger is that you do not purchase my gluten free diet handbook and continue suffering with aches, pains, and gas problems.

You Get These 5 Special Bonuses Free When You
Buy My Handbook today...

BONUS - modern health & beauty


Everything you need to know about gluten free diets and how to live a healthy gluten free lifestyle. You still get to eat what you want, with none of the pains & cramps. Uncover secrets to a gluten free life in 6 easy steps.


bonus #1 health and beauty bookMODERN HEALTH & BEAUTY BOOK
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A complete guide to feeling fresh and looking younger by using a range of techniques you can use yourself in the comfort of your home. Don't you just love being pampered and looking great?


Bonu #2 Gluten free diet recipe updates for a full yearFREE GLUTEN FREE DIET UPDATES FOR 1 YEAR

That's right, every time my book is revised and updated you will receive the new information absolutely free. This means you can keep informed of the latest gluten free diet news and updated lifestyle plans.


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If you are suffering from physical and psychological complaints, shiatsu massage therapy can bring improved overall health and an uplifted spiritual condition. Who doesn't love a deep, relaxing massage when feeling sore or stressed?


Bonus #4 Gluten free diet support and helpSUPPORT AND PERSONAL DIET HELP

If you have a specific question or need special gluten free recipes or gluten free diet plan created, contact me and I will tailor a solution to your own personal needs. You have the confidence in knowing you have someone to help with your own personal requirements.


Bonus #5 Personal development bookPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BOOK
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Using our visualization and affirmatives, we can move toward a positive future while developing the inner self. Would you like to improve your life and enhance your personality to enrich experiences?

if you have read this far in the letter, you are seriously interested in improving your life and eliminating all the physical and emotional problems that come hand in hand with gluten intolerance...




You Get Over $90 Worth of Books Plus Free Updates and
Diet Planning For An Entire Year. Buy now...

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gluten free diet guarantee

gluten free diet billing

"Your billing statement will show a charge from Clk*"

Simply click on the BUY NOW button to securely order Felicity's Gluten Free Diet Handbook right away and change your life for the better, you will receive your handbook instantly!

Best wishes,

P.S. I havee shown you how buying my gluten free diet handbook is as risk-free as an offer can come. You really can not go wrong with the 100% money back guarantee, good for 30 whole days. Plus you are getting 4 bonus books for no additional cost when you purchase today!

P.P.S. And the price? Even if you just follow one of the steps or recipes, it's worth ten times than the mere $34.95 I'm charging. Honestly, I will probably start charging a lot more for it soon, so order Felicity's Gluten Free Diet Handbook now before it's too late!

Still not sure about the offer? Listen to a few
more reviews from happy customers...

"This is well worth the money I paid"

I found your website after searching for gluten free diets and wasn't sure if it would actually help my situation because I had read many books on the subject already but found them to be quite boring and technical. Then months later I spoke to a person on the gluten free forums about your handbook and they raved about how simple it was follow your 6 step plan.

After buying my own copy, I was more than satisfied with the information because it was so enjoyable to read. I like that you have made everything easy to understand and the recipes you provided are DELICIOUS! I wish that I had bought the book sooner because I could have avoided months of cramps and pains from eating gluten in products that I thought were wheat free.

Again, thanks so much for helping people like me who just want to get on with life and not worry about every little thing I put in my mouth.

gluten free diet Isabella DelancyIsabella Delancy
Kent, UK

"I think every doctor should recommended this book"

After reviewing Felicity's Gluten Free Handbook for a patient of mine that suffers from gluten intolerance, I have come to the decision that anyone who needs a gluten free diet should also read the contents. Your coverage of the condition of gluten intolerance is factual and written in a fashion that is easy for everyone to understand. In my profession we encounter celiac disease often, but are unable to recommend a diet or course of action.

This book can show people the steps required to change their diet and intake, which makes the process safe and simple.

George Orthos MD
Atlanta, GA

"This gluten free handbook saved my social life"

Felicity, where have you been my whole life? OMG I am so thankful for everything your book has done for me. When I read about your website I instantly related to your pain and suffering that goes with having gluten intolerance.

I've read your book a bunch of times because I keep learning something new each time. The gluten free recipes you wrote are a hit with my friends and I cook them every time I have dinner parties. It's great that I can now eat out on dates and catch ups because you've given me the knowledge I needed to choose safe dishes when out in restaurants.

Gluten free diet Natalia DrabinovNatalia Drabinov
Newcastle, Australia

Buying 'Gluten Free' Food Won't Fix Your
Diet and Stop Your Pains and Cramps!

This is one of the most shocking truths about living in a world filled with wheat and gluten products! You can literally pick up ANY product from the shelf of a supermarket and there is a 98% chance you will find gluten, wheat or grains in the ingredients.

Even if the label says wheat free, that doesn't mean that there is no gluten contained in it. Some manufacturers will also promote their products as 'no gluten added' but that only means they haven't added any gluten. There could actually be gluten present in the base products which are made by someone else.

The problem for you is knowing exactly which gluten free foods you can trust and how to identify the hidden traces of gluten. By reading my gluten free diet handbook, you will learn exactly how to spot the sneaky places that gluten is hidden and how you can easily find 100% gluten free foods.

My Gluten Free Diet Handbook Can Help People of All Ages, Even People That Aren't Gluten Intolerant

What is gluten and how could a gluten free diet make anyone healthier? The introduction of my book teaches you the facts about what happens in your body when you eat gluten. You will learn the reasons why some people suffer from gluten intolerance from birth and why others will become intolerant to gluten later in life.

This is important to know, because even if you have been able to eat bread and wheat products previously there is a point in life when humans naturally stop being able to process gluten. Everyone is at risk, so each and every person on earth faces the problem that they could soon become gluten intolerant or they are already suffering from it without even knowing yet.

  • Do you have head pains and feel tired?
  • Do you get stomach cramps or feel bloated?
  • Are there times when you have bad gas or diarrhea?

Well these are just a few of the signs that you are living with gluten intolerance and don't even know about it. You owe it to yourself to read the facts and find out if you need to change your diet and possibly seek medical attention before things get much worse.

Scientific Research (September 2009) Shows
Gluten Increases Risk of Death

?ebro University HospitalDoctor Jonas Ludvigsson of the Orebro University Hospital conducted the comprehensive study to identify the underestimated risks associated to people with gluten intolerance that do not adequately manage their diet and food intake. Orebro University Hospital is a development-oriented medical care centre with patients from many parts of central Sweden.

A number of specialist areas have attracted international attention and research is conducted in many fields. There are also extensive general medical care facilities, primarily for the inhabitants of the Europe.

An excerpt from the research paper from Orebro University Hospital, published by the American Medical Association Journal on September 15 2009 stated...

journal of the american medical association

Orebro University Hospital

"People with celiac disease often also have other diseases which attack the immune system such as diabetes or arthritis.

However, celiac disease often goes undiagnosed until substantial damage has been done to the digestive system.

Using data taken from biopsies taken between July 1969 and February 2008 in Sweden, researchers were able to examine the overall risk of death in individuals with celiac disease and digestive inflammation and compare it to the general population.

They found the risk of death was "modestly increased."

Patients with inflammation had a 72 percent increased risk of death; patients with celiac disease had a 39 percent increased risk; and patients with latent celiac disease had a 35 percent increased risk of death.

It also suggests that more attention should be given to the lesser degrees of intestinal inflammation and gluten sensitivity."

The risk of death was highest in the first year of follow-up but decreased with age at diagnosis, with risk being higher for those diagnosed before age 20."

If you thought that living with pain, aches and lack of energy from gluten was your biggest problem then think again! There could be slow, long term damage happening that would possibly lead to an early death. But as the research shows, your chances for improvement increase as soon as you are diagnosed and begin changing your diet to be completely gluten free.

Something like that isn't worth risking, especially since you can do something about it right here, right now and improve your life instantly.

If you do not manage your gluten free diet correctly, it can lead to diseases like diabetes and cancer!

Gluten intolerance can lead to a variety of complications if not treated by a physician. The most frequent complications involve malabsorption (the inability of food to properly digest and move through the wall of the intestines into the bloodstream) and malnutrition (a lack of sufficient vitamins or minerals that results from the poor absorption). This lack of proper nutrition leads to many of the symptoms and complications associated with gluten intolerance. Because levels of malabsorption vary in each case, symptoms also vary in type and intensity. Some people with gluten intolerance suffer severe symptoms, but others suffer from none at all.

In addition to the dangers of malnutrition and malabsorption, gluten intolerance can increase a person's risk of developing a number of serious conditions. These include type 1 diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, other autoimmune diseases and certain forms of cancer.

Gluten intolerance in women can cause miscarriages if untreated, this is a huge reason to fix your diet now!

Center for Celiac Research University of MarylandDoctor Alessio Fasano, a gastroenterologist and the director of the Center for Celiac Research at the University of Maryland in Baltimore has publicly stated his findings on the subject. Left untreated, celiac disease dramatically increases the risk of certain cancers, osteoporosis, miscarriage, infertility and a host of other ailments, and "it has a mortality rate twice that of the general population. Treated, the mortality rate goes back to normal," Fasano says.

University of Maryland Center for Celiac ResearchSymptoms for the disease vary greatly in type and intensity, and some people have no symptoms, making this disease difficult to recognize and leading to chameleon like references. Extreme fatigue, often due to iron-deficient anemia, is one of the most universal symptoms. The word celiac comes from the Greek word "koila" meaning belly, which is where the most common symptoms originate. Abdominal cramping, severe gas, bloating, oily stools, weight loss or weight gain, and joint pain are just a few of the potential signs that gluten is wreaking havoc with your small intestine.

However, "any organ of the body can be affected or targeted. Sometimes it is diarrhea, sometimes constipation, miscarriages, or behavioral changes," Fasano says.

Having A Gluten Free Diet is The Natural Way
to Lose Weight and Increase Your Health

Perhaps you've heard of the Atkins Diet and the Low Carb Diet? Well removing gluten from your diet means that you are greatly reducing the amount of carbohydrates that your body needs to digest.

They main sources of carbs in our diets are: breads, flours, pasta, starch vegetables.

Given that 3 out of 4 of the main carb sources are gluten based, when you remove those from your diet you will instantly decrease the complex carbohydrates that your system needs to process. This is scientifically proven to improve your metabolism while aiding weight loss and fat reduction. When the body has no carbohydrates in the stomach, it then turns to it's own fat reserves for energy and begins to burn those instead of the constant bread and biscuits that we eat everyday.

This little known fact is your secret weapon! You don't need to feel sad about losing some of the foods you previously loved, because now you will have a gluten free diet that is healthy and you can still find delicious alternatives to all of the foods that have gluten.



If you are not absolutely satisfied with my gluten free diet handbook and the life changing effect it has on your life I will give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked. Simply take a full 30 days to read and test out the instructions on your own diet. If you do not experience immediate results then contact me for your instant refund with no questions asked.

I personally live by this handbook and
I know it will improve your life!

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